The Gift of Nature

Mother’s love palm leaf plates are made with love from nature. During the manufacturing of palm plates and bowls, no trees are cut or destroyed. Palm leaf plates and bowls are made from handpicked leaves fallen on the ground from palm trees.

These leaves do not have any exposure to any chemicals or glues. These palm leaf products are made from our facility in India using hygienic and modern equipment and processes. Even plates that have been used can be broken into small pieces and used as organic composites in the garden.

They do not harm the environment in any way and in turn, help the plants as manure for their growth. These palm leaf plates are a gift from nature and a much better replacement for plastics or polymers that are highly Anti-Environment.

These plates are perfect for restaurants, weddings, parties, and other events.


High Quality Organic

India has abundant growth of Areca Palm Trees. These dry Areca Leaf Sheaths are soaked in water and thoroughly cleaned using brushes to eliminate the sand and any other material that would have got stuck on to the leaf. The leaves are then arranged in such a way that they become dry and there is no residue of water. These leaves are then pressed in the molds of various sizes and shapes so that attractively designed plates according to the demand-requirements of you, customers are made. These plates are then packed as per customer requirements and international standards and kept safely for future use. These packed plates are of such great quality that they can be used confidently even after six months.

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