The products are completely hygenic and safe.
Usually The Following Tests Are Being Done

Any Such Tests To Be Done By The Importer

Anaerobic Plate Count - APC35C

Test: Coliform and Yeast/Mold testing

Explanation: The products are sanitary for immediate use out of the package.


Test:Before shipping, the container is fumigated and tested for safety. To be exported, the test must be passed.

Explanation:Plant material is safe for contact with food.

ASTM D-6400

Explanation: Testing for heavy metals is for both human and environmental concern. The tests will show that it is well below the acceptable level.

Compostability Testing:
ASTM D-6866

Test: Biological material testing

Explanation:The products are completely natural. There are no additives, plastics, waxes or glues in the products.

ASTM D-6868 and ASTM D-6400

Test:Speed and ability to be composted.

Explanation:The standard for this test is 60% in 90 days. Areca leaf products will be composted 150 % above the standard in 2/3 the time.